the reason you are unemployed doesn’t matter, not now

my reason for unemployment

You are unemployed.  Okay, that’s a fact.  You want to become employed.  Good.  That’s looking to the future.  You are bitter/hurt/disappointed/angry about why you became unemployed.  Fair enough, BUT.  You can’t move forward if your focus is on the past.  Make up your mind.  Do you want to get hired or justify the unfairness of your situation to the poor soul ambushed by your negative passion?

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what’s in a name

In search of a name

First of all, In Search of a Job Title was not necessarily what I wanted to call this blog.  I played with Being Unemployed, While Waiting for Employment, the Rules of unEmployment, Career Interrupted, etc.  I ended up with Search by accident.  I’m so used to hitting the RETURN key in certain softwares that I hit it without thinking while checking in WordPress about the availability of the phrase.  At the time I was free associating titles.  I guess I’m fortunate that at least I spelled it correctly.

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