you need a job title

creative decision-maker

Anyone you speak to could lead you to a job, so be ready with your job title.

When you become unemployed, even chance meetings become impromptu job interviews.  New introductions usually include a “What do you do?”  Friends usually ask, “How’s it going?”  Please don’t throw these opportunities away.  Give the other person a chance to be helpful, most people want to.  But you have to help them help you.  Let them know you’re unemployed and what job title you’re looking for.  It should be just that short and sweet.  Don’t whine and moan about how you got to this point, be upbeat.  And be sure the job title makes sense and can be remembered by the other person.  I found this out the hard way.

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what’s in a name

In search of a name

First of all, In Search of a Job Title was not necessarily what I wanted to call this blog.  I played with Being Unemployed, While Waiting for Employment, the Rules of unEmployment, Career Interrupted, etc.  I ended up with Search by accident.  I’m so used to hitting the RETURN key in certain softwares that I hit it without thinking while checking in WordPress about the availability of the phrase.  At the time I was free associating titles.  I guess I’m fortunate that at least I spelled it correctly.

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