Take some time each day to retool and re-educate


If you’re like me, the almost daily grind of job seeking can get a bit depressing.  And the occasional moments of trying to relax away from your “job” aren’t really relaxing.  Time keeps moving forward but you aren’t.  On top of all that you need to stay positive for yourself, your family and friends, and for any potential employer / employment contact you meet.  That’s a tall order.  You need something to spark your interest, keep you upbeat.  For me the best medicine is learning new skills.  And the best place I’ve found is Lynda.com.

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you need a job title

creative decision-maker

Anyone you speak to could lead you to a job, so be ready with your job title.

When you become unemployed, even chance meetings become impromptu job interviews.  New introductions usually include a “What do you do?”  Friends usually ask, “How’s it going?”  Please don’t throw these opportunities away.  Give the other person a chance to be helpful, most people want to.  But you have to help them help you.  Let them know you’re unemployed and what job title you’re looking for.  It should be just that short and sweet.  Don’t whine and moan about how you got to this point, be upbeat.  And be sure the job title makes sense and can be remembered by the other person.  I found this out the hard way.

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